Vaccine Passes at Leith

The Vaccine Pass Verification Service will work like this for the next two weeks:

– Before you enter the balcony back door (the one near the lift) you will find Bronwyn M and an Elder with a Vaccine pass reader – one of them will read your pass and with a green tick, you will move onto to scan the Leith QR code (or sign in) and pick up the notices, before going into the Hall

– You must stay home if you or anyone in your household is unwell or waiting for a Covid test result

– Adults are encouraged to wear a mask, children are most welcome to

– If you are double vaccinated and don’t have your vaccine pass yet, you can get it by:

–  going to this link (creating an account and then requesting your pass)

–  calling 0800 222 478 between 8am and 8pm, 7 days a week

–  visiting a chemist who has been doing covid vaccinations  eg Antidote Gardens

–  calling Bronwyn 03 467 9238 and she will help you

– If you haven’t got your pass by Sunday, come anyway and see Bronwyn M and she will help you sort it out

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