1 March

23rd February

Kia ora

Many people have told us recently that they’re missing time for fellowship at church on Sundays. So, on Sunday, March 13th (three Sundays away) we’re going to hold a different kind of service. Instead of meeting at George Street Normal School, we’re going to meet in people’s houses. The service will be pre-recorded, and each house can work through it at their own pace (pairing it with morning tea, or lunch, or whatever takes your fancy). There will be time to chat about life, ponder questions from the sermon, and most importantly to pray with and for each other.

We’re looking for people who would be willing to host others in their homes on the 13th.   If you could do this, let us know: 1) how many people you could host, 2) whether you’re happy hosting families with children, 3) whether you’re willing to host a group that doesn’t require vaccine verified passes (it will be assumed that all groups need vaccine verified passes unless otherwise stated).

If you’re wanting to go to someone’s house, then please let us know how many of you there are, and we’ll start organising things.

We’re hopeful that this experience will provide an opportunity for us to reconnect in small groups and encourage one another.

17th February

Junior Youth Fun Friday meets tonight 18th February and our new Junior Youth Co-ordinator Jono McLeay will be there! This appointment has been a long time coming and special thanks has to go to Marian Hill who has held everything together for this group of 20 young people for well over a year.   She is still involved, but the load has lightened.

Grant Norsworthy and team coming for a Sound and Worship training workshop.   
– If you are a sound volunteer now, or think you might be interested in becoming one, come to GSNS Hall at 2pm for the best sound desk training available in the South Island!
– Our Worship Leaders will then have a worship training workshop with Grant Norsworthy so we look forward to the newly inspired worship that develops from this event.

Leith Valley Presbyterian Church welcomes University and Polytech students to Dunedin and invites you to our Church Services: Sunday mornings, 10am, in the George St Normal School Hall, 989 George St [vaccine verified pass required, limit 100] or invites you to our partner ministry Student Soul – see link below.

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